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HoŽoponopono is an ancient, traditional Polynesian ceremony for forgiving and reconciliation. It was practiced throughout Polynesia, from New Zealand, Tonga, Tahiti to Hawaii and goes back thousands of years.

The word consists of a prefix „hoŽo" which changes a following word into a verb and the word stem „pono", which will be duplicated, like every word in the Hawaiian languange needing intensification - as a whole meaning "to put things right", "getting something in order" or "in Form", to correct, to regulate, etc. 

Originally, HoŽoponopono was pracited by a Kahuna LapaŽau (healing priest) amongst family members of the family of the ill person. Later, HoŽoponopono developed into a general family-ceremony as soon as problems were arising amongst family members. Then, a "wise-man" or "elder" was appointed to guide and lead the ceremony (nowadays we would call him "mediator"). All family members had to be present and the ceremony lasted until the problem was solved entirely and the solution was fully accepted by all members of the family. At the end of each ceremony everybody had to look into everybody elseŽs eyes and forgive.

In Polynesia people believed that a disease or pain, resp. all sins in general would be passed on by parents to their children. As soon as somebody fell ill or caused another problem, the entire family, parents and also their parents had to gather to admit trespasses, to reconcile and to forgive.

In a traditional HoŽoponopono-ceremony people were praying together and the whole ceremony was dominated by discussions, confessions, concessions, repentance, spiritual compensation and recovery as well as forgiving. The "chairman" was paying utmost attention that all problems were dealt with in a loving way and that at no time accusations, slight or offences were happening.

Generally you can say that this whole tradition, as many other things in Polynesia were guided by love and understanding, no matter how severe the problem or disease was. All of that has almost entirely disappeared and vanished in our part of the world. You just have to read newspapers or watch TV. Public compromising are "hipp" today and means of raising quotes or simply makiing cash at various TV stations. In Polynesia such behaviou would have been punished using the heaviest sentence in those days: the exclusion from the family. Would that have a meaning in our days and culture….?

When it became more and more difficult to gather entire families - a great number of Polynesians were either commuting to other parts of the world or were scattered over other islands - a new, more modern or better more individual form of HoŽoponopono began to develop: „Self Identity Through HoŽoponopono".

Based on the teachings of the Kahuna Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, honoured by the award „Living Treasure of Hwawaii", the Hawaiian physician, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len perfected this new kind of HoŽoponopono in his book „Zero Limits" (please see Literaturverzeichnis). Dr. Hew Len was a student of Morrnah and accompanied her till she died in 1992.

Dr. Hew Len accomplished something like a miracle, hadnŽt it been documented scientifically. Within only three years he liquidated the entire clinic for mentally deranged criminals of the State Prison of Hawaii as he had healed all inmates so that they could be released or transferred to other, "normal" prisons.  All that he accomplished without having seen a single one of the personally - just doing and relying on his modern version of HoŽoponopono. 

The traditional form of HoŽoponopono is already pretty hard to understand in our world here, but the new „Self Identity Through HoŽopono- pono" (SITH) is almost entirely "out of the world" for us and close to the inconceivable. It is this new version of HoŽoponopono where everyone does it for himself or for others - and by which you can have results, which I - knowing pretty well about how powerful this technique can be - would never have thought possible.

Here I only would like to say that SITH is based on 4 simple, but incredibly powerful phrases:


I am practising SITH rfor almost one year now and was able to help people in overcoming severe diseases, without further help stopping to take psychiatric medication without backsliding, avoid surgery, restore relationships to children and loved ones which were firmly regarded lost, finding new partners and lovers and finding back to their life without medication or psychiatrists. Had somebody tried to predict all of that at the beginning of my work, I wouldnŽt have taken him serious and rather laughed at him.

Even today I strongly believe that I have not at all reached the end of possibilities, chances and options. Almost daily I say my four phrases, thinking of all people who I think might need help - including all my clients.

To really explain SITH in detail and to gain understanding for this incredibly effective and powerful technique, more is needed than just a part of a website. When people come to me, I prepare them very carefully and over several sessions on talking about HoŽoponopono with them.

Also in my lectures I can only roughly go through this very sophisticated matter thus trying to gain understanding for and faith in SITH and what it finally means. The results are unbelievable and I am looking forward to each and every session where I can introduce and explain SITH individually to people. In an environment and in a timeframe that is more suitable for this, than just an internet site.  

I had both pleasure and honour to ba allowed to do my certificate directly with Dr. Ihaleaka Hew Len when I attended a two dayŽs lecture. I am sure, this has lead to further deepening of my knowledge for the sake of all people coming to see me and seeking help and guidance. 

I would be honoured to be allowed to make to acquainted with HoŽoponopono either in itŽs traditional or modern form and would like to end this information in humbleness and love by saying four simple phrases:

I love you – IŽm sorry – Please forgive me – Thank you!