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My first book, which deals with Huna, its 7 principles, Polynesian elements such as HoŽoponopono, Ohana, Dragon Dreaming, etc. and their effect on our western way of thinking and living has been published. All of that proven by the example of President Barack H. Obama, born in Polynesia and based on my dissertation in Metaphysics dealing with the same subject. The book is written in English and has been published by IKON Verlag/Publishing House in Austria. IŽd like to sincerely thank Mr. Christian Konrad, CEO of IKON for his priceless support.

Details of the book you can find on its website "Obama - President and Kahuna?" (please klick)

Informationen about IKON-Verlag/Publishing House and its portfolio you can find here

In USA, Canada, Latin America as well as in China, India and the entire Far East the book is published by Publish On Demand Global. The book is available in print as well as on all book-selling platforms in all current e-book-formats such as Kindle, Apple, Nook. etc.

On Amazon you can find the book here

More books are in the planning, dealing with similar topics and will be published in German. Another book-project will deal with Ayurveda, seen from the perspective of a traditional Sri Lankian Ayurveda-physician, a Western holistic physician and an Ayurveda-patient.