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In 1983, when I came to Fiji for the first time, I had no idea that this short stop-over on my return flight from Australia would competely change my entire life - though years later...
With my todayīs knowledge I can say, Polynesia has found me. In 1983 Iīve touched native soil.

From this day on, Polynesia fascinated me and  became the center of my career a few years later. I just had decided to voluntarily quit my job in a famous Austrian bank, known as the "Sparefroh-Bank" as I was not willing to surrender to political pressure, thus betraying myself just to make a career in banking business. Instead I decided to start from the scratch by becoming a tarvel agentīs trainee - at the "young" age of 26....  

As it happened, in this travel agency the job of an operating-manager for the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand was vacant and as I have been there already I got the job. From now on I "had" to travel to Polynesia a few times per year.
At some stage I realized that I had - started being tourist at first and then part of the tourist business - become "semi-Polynesian". I was touched by the nature, philosophy, by the people and their way of living - just as if it would be my own roots.
I visited small islands without TV or internetand neither the people there nor I were missing something. I havenīt purchased a TV-set yet. After returning from my last visit to a very small isle in the Fiji-atoll I completely withdrewfrom the public side of the internet, in particular from all social media. I do not twitter nor will you find a profile from me in the book of faces or elsewhere - and I am still alive... And this even more successful and much happier than before.
When I was struck by a life-threatening disease in 2002 and after managing to regain my entire health (which was considered almost impossible by traditional medicine and itīs doctors) I finally and entirely turned towards medicine. And it was exactly then when Polynesia revealed itīs last secret to me: itīs healing-methods. 
My journey into the secrets of the Polynesian healing tradition began in the States; to be precise, in Hawaii and in California, my "little Polynesia". Not just because of bothīs geographical vicinity to Polynesia, but because of their unique spirituality. 
I had both the pleasure and honour of meeting people, who had a decisive bearing on my lifeīs journey and development, like the world-famous author Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Serge Kahili King, world-famous "urban shaman", Dr. Rollin McCraty, director of research of the Institute of Heartmath, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, creator of Self-Identity-Hoīoponopono, Joseph Reuben Silverbird, UN-ambassador of peace oder Clint Ober who guides us "back to earth" with his fascinating "Earthing". Also kahunas in Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Maui, Kauaii and on the Yasawas.
I have learned a lot from all of them, pretty much directly in Polynesia, the rest from books, CDs and DVDs. Education is important, but it is even more important to identify yourself with what youīre doing. Simply to "live it", to have grown it into a part of your own self. Only when you have perceived the meaning, the sense, and when you manage to get yourself into the flow, then you do it right.  
All wouldnīt have been possible without the love and the support of my beloved wife, Dr. Katalin Rath. She hasnīt only shown me what "love" really means, often love for no reason, without any reserves, but she has also guided me to ways of complementary medicine and opened doors and insights for me of which large parts of traditional medicine donīt even know, they exist. I would still be there, where
Neale Donald Wlasch started his journey to success, in the depths of human existence, in a place where it is constantly someone otherīs fault, that one is in such a miserable condition and situation and where one finally is stranded. Where there is almost no hope left, but many misunderstanduings, many errors and misery beyond belive.   
I managed to "come back" as did Neale Donald Walsch. Ever since, every day I am allowed to help others do the same and find back from their depressions and despair is a blessing for me and I thank the One I blelieve in from the depth of my heart for every single day of my wonderful life..

In March 2013 I successfully graduated and got my doctorīs degree in Metaphysics in the USA, to be precise, in Arizona. I am member of the "American Metaphysical Doctors Association" and thus made a dream of my lifetime come true. In May 2013 I have the honour and pleasure of being invited to deliver a speech on my dissertation "HUNA - The Polynesian Form of Metaphysics" at the 75-yearīs anniversary of my university in Sedona, Arizona.

It is my goal in life to meet everyone exactly where (s)he is at any particular moment and to take him/her on a wonderful journey through body, mind and soul to a point where I can release him/her in her own reality and where I am sure they will not drift away from the "Polynesian way".