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E haere mai & mahalo!

Welcome to my web-site and thank you for staying for a while!

My motto is:

- Counseling
- Guidance
- Reflexion
My methods are truly "far fetched" - from Polynesia and California.

My way leads to balance, coherence, health, in short to the natural - in nutrition, motion, in your life and in body, mind and soul.

Not to forget something really important: I cannot heal! Everyone who suggests that he/she can heal, hasnīt understood something of great importance! The healer is always YOU and ONLY YOU! I only have the privilege to help you on your healing-journey, to assist and accompany you and to bring my knowledge, my experience, my intuition and my inspiration into your equation. 

For that I would like to thank you from the depth of my heart and invite you to join me on a fantastic journey through the magical and wonderful world of well-being of your body, mind and soul. 
Yours humbly, Dr. Erich J. "Elika" Kreutzer