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A few years ago, when I heard of Quantum Touch for the first time, I googled for this term and found out that exactly the next morning, a Saturday, a basic Quantum Touch workshop would take place in Vienna. Coincidence? Also that my call, if there was space available, was answered at about 10 p.m. – positively?

For a long time now, I do not believe in coincidences, only in the perfect course of the Universe. And so I learned from a congenial teacher and therapist, Bianca Telle, this wonderful technique for the first time. My other training I got from Mag. Robert Naller, Austria´s expert no. 1 in Quantum Touch.

What now is Quantum Touch or in short QT?

QT has been created by Richard Gordon who adopted the technique from Bob Rasmussen as an easy to learn – also by laymen – method to (re-)gain healing unbelievably quick and absolutely visible. Highlights are straightening of the spine, balancing hips, pain, which simply fades away and much more. Experts who practice QT longer than me tell of tumours that shrink, inflammation that fall away and wounds that heal significantly quicker than under normal circumstances. And the best is that QT can be applied completely unspectacular almost everywhere, anytime.

DDr. Norman Shealy (Founder and first President of American Holistic Medical Association ) says about QT: "QT is a significant break-through in healing with hands only!"

The basics of QT simply is the fact that energy fields with lower vibration tend to adjust to those with higher vibration. QT users tune the vibration of their own (life-) energy fields to a maximum and then offer this field or vibration in form of their hands. As we know, so-called "sick-energy” vibrates lower and is forced by the above mentioned law to adjust to the higher energy or vibration, to elevate.

Has the energy field of the person to be healed reached a significantly high level, the miraculous and unfathomable self-healing-force of the body comes into play and lead the organism back to health and well-being. The term "unfathomable” I have chosen, because ONLY the body itself knows exactly what is happening, how it is happening and where he has to guide the provided energy to in order to gain maximum possible self-healing.

QT appeals to me because it follows exactly my main rule: „The healer always is YOU!" I cannot heal! I can only show and suggest ways, provide help and lend a hand, what is to be taken in a literal sense with QT. I can only let the energy, I have built inside my own body, flow and provide it – your body is the wiseman who exactly knows what to do with it.

QT is either used as a stand-alone technique or subsidiary to other methods such as Dynamind Technique, EFT, TFT, or Ho´oponopono. We, for example, use QT in our holistic practices to prepare patients for surgery or treatments. They are in most cases more balanced, easier and more relaxed for both patient and doctor.

I can gain particular success in treating stress, depression, burn-out, phobias, fears, overcoming of traumatic events, etc. In those cases I show and teach my clients and patients the basics of QT thus enabling them to perform this easy and effective technique at home for themselves.

QT is perfect for distant-healing as far as I have experienced it with my own clients and patients, I have treated in the practice, when they needed help and I could provide my energy to them over any distance.

QT-sessions may last from a few minutes up to an hour maximum – depending if and how quick somebody responds to the treatment. Energy provided to the body in a QT-session persists longer, up to a few days and will be transferred by the body-intelligence wherever needed within the organism. In general I have seen in most cases spontaneous relieve which is clearly perceptible – as a plus in life-force, relieve from pain, symptoms and conditions, vanishing of fears and stress, etc.

Richard Gordon, creator of QT has said about his motivation to find new ways towards his own health:

"When I was concerned about numerous symptoms of ill health, and my doctor told me to wait till something serious developed. I thought this advice made about as much sense as waiting for the engine to blow up before dealing with a grinding noise from under the hood.”

Don´t you wait for your engine to blow up – QT helps you in opening the hood in time, see what´s wrong and correct it.

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