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here you find a listing of books I have put together as they accompanied me along my way. They have contributed to all I know today and also to my personal growth. Some of them have simply fascinated me. With good conscience I can recommend reading those books and do hope they will bring you the same happiness, growth, wisdom and fascination they brought me. 

"My" bibliography:
(in permanent editing and completion - authors and books can be klicked on, provided a related internet-site exists)
"Biology of Believe"
"Spontaneous Evolution"
Original "Molecules of Emotion"
"Everything You Have to Know to Feel Go(o)d"
"Urban Shaman"
"Healing for the Millions - The Dynamind Technique"
"Huna - Hawaiian Secrets of Success"
"Kahuna Healing"
"Instant Healing - Now!"
"Healing Relationships"
"Zero Limits" (in cooperation with Joe Vitale)
"Aloha - The Pleasure Prescription"
"The Heartīs Code"
Rhonda Byrne:
"The Power"
Daniel Coyle:
"The Attrcator Factor" (former "Spiritual Marketing")
"There is a Customer Born Every Minute"
Napoleon Hill:
"Think and Grow Rich" / free-version
"Compassionate Coaching"
"Make the Juice Worth the Squeezing"
"The 8 Factors of Healing Book"
"A New Science of Life"
"The Presence of the Past"
"The Rebirth of Nature"
Institute of Heartmath (Doc Childre, Howard Martin & Dr. Rollin McCraty):
Vivienne Posch (als Co-Autor):
"Living an Abundant Life"
"Noni Citrifolia Morinda - altes Wissen & neue Erkenntnisse"
John Spencer Ellis:
"Screw it, letīs do it!"
"Loosing my Virginity"
"Business Stripped Bare"
"Reach for the Skies"
"Business the Branson-Way"
"The Little Green Guide" (simple ways to save the planet)
Dr. Kascha Brigitte Lippert: