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The Dynamind Technique
Six easy steps
by Dr. Serge Kahili King, Hawaii

Dr. Serge Kahili King created an extremely powerful problem-solving technique by combining some methods he already knew. He teaches this technique in his outstanding book "Healing for the Millions - The Amazing Dynamind Technique"  (please see Bibliography)

Dr. King intended his technique to fulfill the following specific criteria:
1. The technique had to be effective
2. The technique had to be simple to learn and easy to remember
3. The technique had to be based on a logical, demonstrable theory
4. The technique had to incorporate familiar concepts
5. The technique had to be flexible enough to combine with other 
    treatments and processes
6. The technique had to be as fast or faster than EFT in obtaining
Based on those criteria Dr. King formed the "Dynamind Technique" (DT), which you find explained in detail below. In any case it is better to search for the help and assistance from a DT-practitioner should you intend to use DT regularly. Precise instructions and the experience of a practitioner will bring faster and even better results.
1. Choose a physical, emotional or mental problem you want to work on. Before strating with DT rate your problam on a scale from 0 to 10. Example:

"I am suffering from headache at the intensity of 8."
2. Brings the fingertips of both hands together to form a hollow globe. It doesnīt really matter where in front of the body this gesture is held, though for the sake of comfort it can be in the lap while sitting and close to the navel while standing. 
3. Say to yourself (loud or silent depending on the situation, but loud is better):

" I have a problem with ... (define your problem in brief words)"
" I accept the problem and I fully accept myself. I love myself despite this problem." *)
" I have a problem but that can change!"
" I want the problem to go away!"
*) this line is not from the original DT-version by Dr. King but I have tremendous success by adding and using this line.

4. Then tap seven times by using two or three fingers, resp. the finger-tips of one hand

- on your chest (Thymus-point)
- the outside web of each hand (where the bones of thumb and index-finger meet)
- on the base of your neck (the seventh cervical vertebra or C7)

5. Inhale with your attention on the top of your head. Hold your breath for a short moment in the area of your heart (also an addition by myself as it brings great effects). Exhale with your attention on your feet or your toes.
6. Now say again and loud to yourself in which intensity (0 to 10) the problem still affects you - if at all. 
Repeat the whole process any number of times until you have arrived at an intesity-level of 1 or 2 or until the problem has disappeared competely. Please donīt forget to make a short break between the sessions or rounds of DT. 
In his book Dr. King stands up for making this technique known to as many people as possible but I would advise everyone to start using DT under guidance from an experienced DT-practitioner. Learning all the subtleties and shades of meaning guarantees an even greater success and faster relieve from problems of all kinds. I would be honoured and proud if you consulted me in my practice.      
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